How to write a how to feature article

Remember that each publication has a specific target audience, and a distinct style of writing. Before you write Despite the triumphs of your DIY and scavenging skills, a feature article on building a dream bedroom from hard rubbish may not find a home in the pages of a luxury interior design magazine.

Nick Carraway watches a mysterious neighbor named Gatsby reach for a green light. Nothing puts editors off more than a poorly written article that requires copious amounts of editing to even come close to being print ready. Then you have to tell it. Who would replace these fixtures. I thought his eccentricities were enough to write about—and really, they would have made a fine article.

The Secret To Writing Stronger Feature Articles

But most articles will do all three to some degree. Ask people about it. Freelancers are in charge of their own invoicing and tax.

An ordinary high school graduation could be a moment of triumph for a student who overcame great obstacles to hold her diploma. Feature articles are not front-page, time-sensitive news stories, though they can contain news and statistics.

As the course is conducted online, you can undertake it from any location in the world. Usually an author will write a feature about a topic that he knows well and that interests him on a personal level.

Here are some ways to find them. This is where all your hard-earned work pays off by resulting in a compelling and accurate piece. Those can be the best endings. First you have to find it. Regardless, it should appeal to the particular audience being targeted.

By getting his sources to relay past dialogue, Hollandsworth was able to show the information as well as tell it.

How To Write A Great Feature Article

Our directors and principles have been involved in all aspects of media work and distance education for over 30 years and we have provided online journalism courses to students in over 80 countries and territories. Listen … to everyone. But when it gets to Sinatra it can plunge him into a state of anguish, deep depression, panic, even rage.

Uncovering those means talking not just to the big players in the story, but to everyone you can. They also wanted to play more games against better opponents. In fiction, readers go in knowing there will be tension, and this is almost always established early: Talese remained in L.

Your work will be passed to editors who will give you feedback on how to improve the article. He then went back in time to the exact, tense moment when one of those female players had the guts to ask for more practice time on the court.

Writing feature articles for magazines and newspapers is a great way for emerging writers and authors to build up their portfolio of work. Get to know the magazine and what kind of content they publish; we strongly suggest reading their previous articles before submitting one of your own.

The shape depends on the style of your magazine varies but most feature articles have three acts, just like a story or an essay. Do you see it there. So what part of your experience will help sell your article.

Remember, your introduction should give your readers a reason to keep on reading. Although you may have a clear imagine in your mind for the topic of your article, you need to use creative and descriptive language to share this image with your reader.

The Secret To Writing Stronger Feature Articles

They were members of the Wayland Girls Basket-ball Club, which played a handful of games each year against nearby high schools and junior colleges. An unknown figure slumped over the bar. Unlike a news story that provides facts, a feature article digs deeper, giving your reader a more in-depth view of your topic or opinion.

This is often a neglected part of a feature article, but the conclusion ties the whole article together. Sometimes the tension is not yet resolved in life, but the story must, of course, end on the page. And because he was able to find the real root of his story, all the details about who the girl basketball players were before the team started—who they played, how much, the year it all started—become more than just information to his readers.

Before touching a pen, consider your angle. Once you get comfortable with writing a solid feature article you can try experimenting with your writing style, structure and narrative. May 05,  · Feature articles can be informative, entertaining, persuasive, or simply satisfy the reader's curiosity about a particular topic.

A feature article may provide more information about an important issue, offer an opinion about current affairs, or simply present a personal or humorous perspective on modern day elleandrblog.coms: A feature article is the main story in the magazine that focuses on a special event, place or person in great detail.

There are many types of feature articles, whether they’re creatively focused or newsworthy, however, they always have one thing in.

How To Write A Feature Article

Learning how to write a feature article doesn't have to be an uphill battle. These simple steps will get you writing a winning feature article in no time.

How to Write a Profile Feature Article s a student journalist, your mission is to inform your peers. Your fellow students look to your work to help them understand the nuances of the environments they inhabit, and to accurately represent their experiences and views.

Outline the main sections of your feature before you write the body of the text. Having a written outline in front of you can help you break the writing down into manageable chunks. Begin your article with a good lead that draws the reader in and makes him want to read the rest of your story.

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How to write a how to feature article
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